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Step 1

In the top of page, you can see main web-site menu. The first way to find all, what you need in the link "IT Brands". You can click on it and go to the page with all companies. Also in main menu you can look in the Services page, when you can filter all products by tag. After this link you can see information links. It is blog and our landing pages.

Step 2

In the brand page, you can see a lot of companies, who make an IT services. You can filtered it by top filters, read main information and see top products with it prices. You can click on any brand and go to the brand page with all services that this company presented. Also every company has a category. In our site you can find all IT services for cycle of business. Our partners makes a prices without commision. The numbers are the same as on the their websites.

Step 3

In the brand page you can add to cart/list services or go to the product landing page with more information about it, comments, images, links. All items has a tag, tagsis a virtual part of complex it services asotiation architecture. Also you can select in top menu "Products/Services" link and choise services in that list with sorting and filters.

Step 4

Cart system in Web-site very simple. You can add products/services on it, add more or low the cont by plus and minus links near every product in cart list. For open/close the list you must click on special button. In the end of row you can see delete button and in bottom, other for clear all list. All your products save in this list. After you end the discover, you can click the red order button for prepere the order. Prices in our site tha same as in partners.

Step 5

In order page you can add all your dta to form, and prepare the order. You can add your location use the google maps plugin in our web-site. When you are ready, click red button for send the order. After order save, our manager cantact you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your interest in our company!