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IT.IKIEVBIZ - is an internet company, that collected teams, developers, technologies for better understanding IT market and helps people more rational spent their money when they are buy IT services. We are team of a professionals in IT, we like it and want to make Information Technologies more understandable for everybody.

Our Story

Founded in 2006, when we starts to make our first project - perfumes internet shop. We make full cycle and making progress, our website was in top Google position in our region. After it we starts to research IT market, find friends and partner for other ideas. From a long time of finding we create this web-site for make a core of technologies.

Our Model

We collected our partners, save their products, services and technologies in our web-site and make a data-base of IT products and companies. With this database and our simple web-interface you can make an order of any service. If you have a big project you can look in prices and differents in our service. Advanced our service is a consulting and project management. We can help you understand you complex idea and help to realize it.

Our Philoshopy

We are modern people who understanding informational age thoroughly and stand at the origins of this changes. Whe feel the information on matter, minds, electronics, micro-waves. We are the information. And we wand to help you make you life more interesting and happiness.

Thank you for your interest in our company!