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Our team consists of professional specialists. We made this site-catalog for easy order of Digital Projects and IT Services. We are experts in Web-development, Startups, SEO and Digital Marketing.

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IT Digital low price discounts

Site Card only from 100$

Promotional offer. Total $ 100 card 's optimized for SEO and sales. The system includes : a standard home page with widgets.

until Oct 31, 2013
Site Card only from 100$
Free 1 Hour Consulting

Free 1 Hour Consulting

until Oct 31, 2013
Free 1 Hour Consulting
BD8 Studio -15%


until Oct 31, 2013
BD8 Studio -15%
Web-Site plan for everybody!

Web plan only 100$

until Oct 31, 2013
Web-Site plan for everybody!
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Startups development, Digital outsourcing, php programming

IT.ikiev.biz is outsourcing company, which is engaged in the development of start-ups from scratch, as well as web programming and full digital cycle for internet projects. From marketing to machine learning programming

We can help both IT-consulting and outsourcing, also give developers by outstaffing. We have a lot of existing technologies for the creation of start-ups and programs of any complexity. We mainly use php-programming and back-end javascript / jquery on the front-end.

Our team engaged in the development of sites of startups in early stage of development. We can make a prototype for web project or complex website programming very fast and the price will be lower than those of many web and outsourcing companies.

We have our own CMS system for the rapid implementation of web projects. Startups often require custom programming and code changes frequently. In such cases it is better to use php framework, bootstrap and build high-quality web design architecture. We use extended MVC model to create high-quality low-cost and easily extensible web interface.

We have the best prices on programming start-ups and innovative projects in which it is important to inexpensively create a prototype and support the development of low prices and with high-quality software code.

IT.ikiev.biz - the perfect solution if you want to create a start-up and complex site or order a Digital services at low prices. We guarantee the quality of the program and will help in the realization of your startup!

Benefits of development with IT.ikiev.biz:

We have a full team for the creation of Internet projects. We can help not only in one direction, but in the whole of the project.
We are on the internet technology market since 2008. During this time, we accumulated a lot of experience, ready algorithms and solutions that we are not inventing on the fly, and adapt to different projects, saving development time.
We provide free consulting and audit the code, as well as being starting work on postpay or by contract.

Working with us you can save up to 50% of their professional time. When you pay $ 2000 / month get up to 12 000 $ savings per year!

How to start the implementation of a web project?

1-2 hours meeting for all the tasks that must be performed, as well as being and discuss all additional information
We get access to the code and documents (if necessary, we can sign an NDA for the safety of commercially information)
We do a free audit of tasks, code and system architecture and provide a report in the form of opinions and advice (2-4 hours)
We are preparing a plan of work, time and dates of payments (1-4 hours)
1-2 hour meeting on the results and make a decision of the plan, terms, prices and the start of Phase 1 works
Working ... (to pay part of the implementation)

IT.ikiev.biz - The Best solution for Startups, Business if you are looking for PRO digital services and development skills!