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Ethernet Outsourcing and Digital

All IT Products, use right filter for fast search, sort by name or price. This is easy way for discover IT products.

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Simple Network Organisation

100$ Simple Network Organisation

Organization of Ethernet and Wi-Fi network with no more than 30 units and not more than 30 meters of cable. You can configure the router and ADSL modem. 

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SysAdmin Outsourcing by 1 month

100$ SysAdmin Outsourcing by 1 month

Setting up computers and their further maintenance is performed by specialists of Entercom Ltd., Each of which has the necessary expertise, appropriate qualifications and considerable experience in the provision of services of this kind of a practical nature.

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System Administrator by 1 day

50$ System Administrator by 1 day

Recently, a lot of companies with beautiful sites and managers who offer a very "tasty" conditions. But when it comes to working with the company, often resulting service expectations and significantly different from each other. 
And every businessman is difficult to define a service people who offer services to him. 

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