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ProGroup Renaissance Consulting

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Группа компаний «ProGroup & Renaissance Consulting» [project management solution] – это комплексные решения задач проектного менеджмента! Мы специализируемся на управлении компаниями, торговыми марками или продуктовыми группами путем применения инновационных стратегий менеджмента, инструментов маркетинга и моделей сбыта. Наша стратегия развития – построение кластеров! Мы консолидируем партнерские предложения, формируя, таким образом, надежную коммуникативную площадку для институционального и инфраструктурного развития.

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550$ Profit Reinvestments

Finance and Investment consulting in the development existing or new business. You get more opportunities to expand the scope management issues.

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450$ Accounting and Auditing

Debit-credit, wages, taxation, audit, evaluation property tax optimization. You gain control financial results management decisions.

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1000$ Sales organisation

Search for clients, business negotiations and presentations, transactions, support before and after sale purchasing, logistics, service. You get the customer base, channels, real obbem sales.

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550$ Marketing communications

Brand style, poster, printing, advertising, PR, promotion, positioning, promotion, loyalty program. You get built channels of communication with the market In order to successfully commercialization management decisions.

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250$ Staff Management

Search and placement of personnel, and as the solution to all related issues - education, healthcare, help, holidays.

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450$ Purchases organisation

Carry out the delivery of all necessary - equipment, raw materials, expendable materials. You get the resource base for implementation of management initiatives.

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250$ Office Rental Find Service

Search residential, industrial, warehouse and retail properties. You get a physical location implementation of management solutions.

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300$ Company Registration

Legal entity with full package documents and other permits, and as registration rights intellectual property 

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550$ Business Plan development

Standard TASIC, EBRD. You get a real document the formalization of implementation management decisions.

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1000$ Marketing research

History of the market; market demand and proposals; the regulatory framework; forecast and trends. 

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