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People Collaboration

The main part of people collaboration is a communacation, data saving and data control. Also very important psychology influence.


The main part is a define self targets of a team. After it - make a complex target comportable and inspirationly for everybody.


The next is a find a bariers and trobless in the team.


Popular proplems is a personality traits like fear or egoism. 

The good example is a XY game:


Lisen - Main target is a collect more points. We have a two team. 3 types of hit: 0 (Defend) 1(+1) +3 (-3).

But when we add 0 - We not lose -3. And if 3 vs 3 = 0.


This game is example of difference between sinergy and absorption. Absorption need a victim.


The second big block is a fear. Fear is a very complex emotion, when the man enter in discomfort zone, he must have some defence ideas for stop fear emotions.


The best way in fear control is use the soul and global mission ideas, where you broke all social stereotypes and leave only body feelings, faith and clear mind.


The next part of collaboration is a control. You need to make a collaboration table, where you can write all results and make an statistics of everybody efficiency.


Also, very good idea is a make democracy election system for group. For make a average result.


Every time limit every body write done tasks and make a cost value of this task. Summ of everybody investments is a part in all target.


Example of business tables


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