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Clear Mind. Psychoanalysis for each

Clear Mind and Psychoanalysis for each (Translate from RU by Google Translator)


1 exercise

Imagine the void. If it is difficult to void all belіm paint or black or any other color . If you can imagine, and hold in your mind , then you have no problems with psychological health and can study the course. If you can not paint in the imagination of all one color and keep at least 2-3 seconds , then you may have an abnormality in the brain or you have a specific type of brain that can not create , but can only repeat what they see.

So if you could imagine the emptiness and paint its background , then you already know that your imagination - is a virtual analogue of the world where you are god and can play all the power of thought they had seen using memory.


2 exercise

Imagine an orange. Just an orange on a white background . If it works , then again , everything is OK with the brain . If it does not work out, then you may have problems with memory or if you do not remember it looks like an orange, or with reason . By the way the mind - is the ability of the brain to cut information in memory , connect it to make the imagination and remove from the imagination .

If you happen to see an orange on a white background , then you have passed this exercise , thus tested , and realized that you have and work memory which provides on-demand word image, as well as the mind, which can cut the images, combine them , insert and delete in from the imagination . And remember that the imagination - is a virtual world.


3 exercise

This exercise is quite popular and is often found in the psychological literature . Imagine all on the same white background lemon. Look at it closely , now imagine the kitchen Dostochka and cut a lemon in half in the imagination . See how fly spray juice and flow of the cut lemon ? Imagine that you take and bite him. Eat in the imagination , imagine my eyes closed , that would be easier to imagine. What needs to happen ? Should appear saliva . If saliva does not appear, you either poorly presented , not in detail , then you may have problems with memory, and you do not remember it looks like a lemon, or the mind does not work and can not collect the kitchen , knife, lemon and bite you in his imagination . Just can you unconscious protection body connection and imagination because of injuries in the past. These issues are dealt with by specialists in the field of psychotherapy , psychiatry, psychology sometimes .

If everything is OK, and saliva on the lemon stands , the brain in order, and the exercise reminds us that imagination is closely connected with the body and need to be very careful and do not keep it that can harm health unless absolutely necessary.


4 exercise

Now imagine the void again and try to keep her in mind. Once the void burst , some thought , write it down , and again imagine the void so work out .

This exercise shows the power of concentration of the imagination. If you can keep the void more than 2 minutes , you either have developed powers of concentration or reduced strength subconscious processes that can be harmful to health.

Usually long and hard to keep the void in the brain emerge a variety of thoughts . And if you write them down , you can get all of the subconscious that you care about and are interested in the near future . Next, we will work with the main thoughts and images that haunt you.


5 exercise

Try NOT represent pink hippo , hold emptiness and in any case do not think about a pink singing hippo . How long do we have?

If everything is OK, you should feel as thought knocking on the imagination , as if without your control , and you restrain her by force . This exercise shows that there are in the brain thought processes that do not depend on you , they tend to imagination. We often tried to hold them back , but this method is not the best, so it spends our forces .

There is an alternative - think about pink hippo in plenty and you get tired of it , and then even remember already will not hunt .

The second part of the exercise shows that some processes need to complete and pass through itself , which would then put in some drawer in the memory , which not everyone has .


6 exercise

And now once again hold myself, that would not represent a singing giraffe glasses disco . Just not right away. Imagine it, behold , laugh and try .

Should be easy. And all because the giraffe is already in the box filters, and a reminder of it, is not particularly worried about a strong knowledge of the natural process - evolution .

These are the filters we have on the lot , to the requests of others, words and sounds . Sometimes desirable to ask yourself : what I do not pay attention? And write a list of the filters that would know their " blind spots ."


7 exercise

This small task to remind our instincts , imagine a naked lady opposite sex. Then favorite dish at your favorite restaurant . A knife that cuts you a hand . Thing that you would like to enjoy and explore . And the person who does what you like .

These things cause a very important basic human traits such as reproduction, nutrition, protection , the evolution of sociality . Sociality - is identifying what makes the other person / entity to itself .

Tries to resist nature is not recommended , except for lucid and necessary situations. Better target these qualities and enjoy them using life.


8 Submission

Try a noisy crowd , open the phone and in the notes to write verse that was taught as a child in another language. Try it.

A difficult task , since it is necessary to disable the security instinct , include filters , plug memory and combine information including intelligence.

It requires a lot of brain power . Willpower. That is what has the willpower - the ability to keep in imagination what you need and give the rest to prevent forces .

There is still important not to overdo it, because other than the brain you have a body , but it also requires energy , so do not forget to listen to the pain , she often symbolizes overload means that it is time to relax the brain. Workout , swim , walk .


Completion and directions

After reading this review , you either can determine which system of the brain is not in order, or to better understand your mind . With this knowledge you will be able to perceive and understand what is happening to you , develop memory , intelligence, concentration , imagination, willpower.

In this paper, and technology it is often necessary to work with a lot of information and very much strain your brain . Train it and you have to create something good, it is sometimes only in dreams . Read, learn , think . Success.


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