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Full Marketing Analysis

Full Maketing Analysis. Helps to understang all information about goals and sphere.

750$Full Marketing Analysis
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Full information about "Full Marketing Analysis". Prices, comments, features.

Target: Get more information about selected sphere for prepare successful project plan for realise main goals and ideas.


Plan of Marketing Analysis:

- Make an information architectute

- SEO-Analysis

- Market Analys (supply and demand)

- Competitors Analys

- Financial Analysis

- Risk and Project Analysis


Result is report with:

- Architecture hierarchical table

- KeyWords Table

- Landing page proposition/offer (keywords, plan, basic info, tables, images)

- Level of supply and demand growth from Google Trands and economicals data

- Table of main competitors with Weak and Strong columns.

- Prices for all products and services, dyamic, max, min.

- Costs and time for all project plan or ideas steps. Basic Project Analysis.


All this need for understand the market and prepare good realisation plan. Order it, if you need!

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