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Digital-Outsourcing > Outsourcing and Digital > Joker-Agency > Front-End Development Set

Front-End Development Set

Standard task for Front-End Development, for sites of medium complexity to the finished design.

250$Front-End Development Set
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The package for $ 250 USD includes 200 elements / objects. ( Tags , classes, files)

And so the same : Layout and 25 possible JS functions ( slider, gallery , AJAX loading of button up , popup , etc.)

More on prices paid : $ 1 per item and $ 2 for the function .

Summ and preparation paid separately at the rate of about 10 $ / hour. Usually it takes 10 % of the cost . Ie , in this case $ 25.




OS : Windows, MacOs, Ubuntu.

Browsers : IE7- 9 , Chrome ( 15 +), Firefox ( 15 +), Opera ( 12 +), Safari 5 . IE7- 8 In animation , css3 can be simplified. Layout corresponds to the screenshot (check online) , and scripts are registered in the TOR.

HTML5 W3C validation and CSS validation ( desirable , not required)

Generating CSS through SASS or LESS ( desirable , not required)

JavaScript: JQuery, Modernizr ( desirable , not mandatory). Programmable events , and is used only at the request of the PLO. AJAX with forms using JQuery.Form.

When 1024px should be no horizontal scrolling , nailed to the bottom of the footer . If there is a rubber layout properties , they should be described in the specification. And as with scrolls from 25-250 % layout must keep clear view . UTF-8 , Shift - tabs . Classes call on english without grammatical mistakes , instead of a space to use "_".

Images are organized under the Web into a graph . editor , preferably png.

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