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Events-agency SMART web-site

Do you need ready Event-Management Enterprice Solution? This is simple variant of it!

10000$Events-agency SMART web-site
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SMART Event-management web-site

First iteration

System Administrating

Make google account

Domain Name

Hosting or VPS

Unix Intall

Web-Server Install and Configure

DB install and Configure MySQL or PostgreSQL with MongoDB

Framework Install and Configure - PHP, Codeigniter MVC or HMVC or SOAP.

Usability Analysis and Sketch

Graphics Design

Present 2-3 Styles or Ideas

Identity Set: Logo, Card, Flyer, DocTemplate, Presentation Template

Template + Main Page Design (header + nav (top or mobile-style) + footer + widgets (slider, btn blocks, partners, categories, request))

Main Style CSS Framework, fonts, blocks, inputs


UI/UX Design:

Auth & Register Design - Sing In, Register, Facebook, Google login, password recovery, personal profile.

Blog List Design, categories, tags, bread crumbs, pagination.

Blog Page Design - bread crumbs, header, image, text, comments, social buttons, widgets (blocks, buttons, gallery, links, similar, request)

Catalog list with filters design - artists list, filters, pagination

Sell Product Page with buttons and widgets - photo, description, params, calendar, order, costs/prices, comments, social, gallery, video, similar, links.

Cart and Order Page Design

Personal Edit Page in Profile Design

FrontEnd Development


Main Layout + Framework
Auth & Register Front-End
Blog List Front-End
Blog Page Front-End
Catalog list with filters Front-End
Sell Product Page with buttons and widgets Front-End
Personal Edit Page in Profile Front-End
Cart and Order Page Front-End
Search Front-End
Sitemap Front-End


Prepare DB Prototype

SQL Create Tables in DataBase

BackEnd Programming

Wear Front-End on Controllers with Routing

Make Models for DB Data

Get Data from Models to Controllers

Add Pagination

Add Catalog and Tag Filter in Blog

Program Filter-List for Catalog

Save Orders, Requests, Comments by AJAX

Save data to TMP table in Personal Profile

Admin Panel Login Page

Admin Panel: Template + Menu + Access + Users + Groups

Admin Panel: CRUD Table

Admin Panel: Tree Table

Admin Panel: Pop-Up Edit, Delete, Add (Forms + Config + Requests) -  AJAX with HTML editor, files, images, resize, watermark. 

Admin Panel: Custom Page Example (With DB work and AJAX)

Admin Panel: TMP to Real Table button 

XML Sitemap Generator in Sitemal Controller

Cart Functions - Функции работы корзины

Standard Validation by JS or AJAX with red messages near inputs or save button 


Defend: XSS, SQL Injection, AJAX access, Admin Panel Acess Rules 


Cache All Pages, but make flush when any page data updated in DB 

Translate System

Translate Interface in DB Table Vocabulary 

Translate Tables in Tab and Translate Tables

Language Switch

Language URL Generator

Translate All Dynamic Elements and Interface

QA and Testing

Selenium Main Test Cases Package





Make AdWords KeyTools Analysis in Web-Site sphere and make Report

Add Google Analytics + Web-Master and Yandex Metrics and WebMaster

Prepare SEO Tags and/or generation in DB and in Controllers

Buy Links in good Web-sites


Prepare: Contacts, About, How To Page and 10 Articles for Blog for SEO

Prepare: 20 Artists in Catalog

Prepare Google Adwords Campaing, Prepare Yandex.Direct

Add Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica goals functions in Web-Site.

Prepare Summ to Pay for 3 mounth


Prepare 10 PR Articles in Popular resourses with link


Add Artists, Make Content, Organise Deals x 3 month

Process Management x 3 month


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