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RWS (Rich Web Site)

What can developers do for $ 100? Install simple CMS? With CodeIgniter RWS developer can be ready to quickly create applications, and functional set of open code makes it easy to collect custom websites and make a convenient web interface!

120$RWS (Rich Web Site)
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The system has an open source code in PHP, is placed on the sites hosting simple, does not require complicated server settings, easy work with 50,000 users a day and has a base of such opportunities:


- User system (Login, Register, Forgot password, My Account, Group accesses)

- Admin panel (system tables, interfaces generation)

- Basic template layout BootStrap3 + JQuery and a full set of Front-End features for fast UI creation

- Easy architecture for simple improvements

- Ready-filter system with pagination

- Simple data validation on the server side

- AJAX update system, adding and deleting data

- Simple optimization for mobile devices


Over $ 100 You can create such a bulletin board or an online store.


Focus on your competitive advantages, and CodeIgniter RWS helps you to easily automate your business and create a user-friendly web interface!

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