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Why we make IT.ikiev.biz Project?

After a long time working in IT, we focus on some particular sphere of IT, software and outsourcing. As a result , we have created a prototype aggregator of IT services , which is now on the domain IT.iKiev.biz.


Who will benefit from this site?


- All entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.
- Big companies that develop .
- Investors who analyze investments in development projects.


What can you do on the site?


- Learn all possible directions and suggestions for the development of business, thus choose their development tools
- Analyze and compare similar services, their price and content
- View reviews about the companies and their services for which the price is determined
- Offer their services that may be of interest to other


How to do this?


- The checkout process can be and without registration, simply choose a category , gathering services to the cart or even get a quick booking in some services.
- Call on the phone listed on the site , and ask all you need , as well as order the desired services .
- Send a request to any contact in the contacts section
- Very useful to register on the site, it gives some extra features and your identity . Moreover, we have implemented a profile used by all social. network Google+ and FaceBook.


What is special about our site ?


- We only offer specific services with affordable price and description
- We moderating content and monitor the accuracy and relevance of the description of services prices
- We provide assistance in the management and selection of services , and also can control the execution of works
- We tried to communicate with each customer and the company that would assist the parties mutually cooperate

If you are a company / business / entrepreneur who needs development and business services:


- Sign up on our website
- Explore by category, tag site
- Choose a product , add to cart
- Make an order, please call with any questions , submit , if necessary
- Read the information in our Blog
- Grow your business with us


If you provide business services, and you have some specific suggestions :


- Sign up on our website
- Call us or write about the willingness to cooperate
- Prepare informants about the company and services
- When you have access to personal or manually , your company and your services will be added to our website
- Talk to us % commision and partnership opportunities
- Receive orders , follow them
- Be glad to cooperate


Our target is to help develop the IT market and collect many useful information for effective decision making.


Reviews can beleave only for registered users