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Web-site development agreement variants

Web-site development agreement variants

First of all, let's divide the IT-development main components.

1) The site consists of: domain name, hosting, software, text and images (content).
2) Advertising consists of: SEO, SMM and Context

Who provides:

1) Domain name, hosting (Hosting Company)
2) Program (IT.ikiev.biz)
3) Texts and images (company employee or IT.ikiev.biz by contract)
4) SEO - is best done by an employee, less by IT company (company employee or IT.ikiev.biz by contract)
5) Contextual advertising (better directly with Google, Yandex or through IT.ikiev.biz, then a lot of red tape)

The optimal variant of cooperation:

1) Appoint an employee who will do everything in the organization side
2) Conclude with IT.ikiev.biz contract or better make the postpaid for Informatization consulting:
62.02 - http://kved.ukrstat.gov.ua/KVED2010/62/KVED10_62_02.html
3) Make a hosting and domain name for the company
4) Website, Content, SEO and content settings employee allegedly made with consulting from IT.ikiev.biz.
5) You can make commercial account for Google and Yandex and make payments directly

With this type of collaboration all rights remain with the company and this way is very simple.


If IT.ikiev.biz, provides all services directly then the individual agreement may costs more than $ 200:

1) Registration and rights transfer for cade and hosting
2) Create additional parts of contract and a description of all services
3) It may be necessary to open additional Oued
4) Contextual advertising when payment will be taxed twice
And in fact, all these documents will be a weak force and create a time-consuming, plus acts, bills, etc.

The first option is easier. If there is no officer you can officially hire an engineer to the floor rate and hang on to it after consulting execution of tasks.

You can also hire our staff to you to work as an option)


The third variant:

1) The site, advertisements and everything else belongs to us

2) The Company leases for Oued 63.11. I opened it.

3) We will Make the specification for which we set ourselves, and set up a program to use for free.

4) The setting of advertising also do for yourself, and take the money from the lease type for the popularity of our services, and select a hosting + website + advertisement packet to the contract.


And the last option - it is an international treaty in the English language, where the wholly prescribe all information services and all conditions. IT contract are quite expensive and such documentation can cost more than $ 1,000 and is done only for large projects.


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