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Internet sales or how to create a simple and user-friendly website.

Internet sales or how to create a simple and user-friendly website.

(Translated by Google)

Many businesses face the challenge of creating a website. And often it is necessary to organize something not too difficult, but of course clients and guests. Site-card - a common term that is associated with something that is just suitable for this purpose. Here let us look at how this is to be a simple site - card. And while certainly convenient, and inexpensive marketing.


First you need to understand that to create a site, you must buy a domain name and hosting, where it will be placed online business card. After you choose the design, put it on the engine, and you can start to fill. So order today.


Website Design - this intuitive description. If the design is clean and simple, we can say that you are a particular company if bright and beautiful, you love art and beautiful if sloppy, it means that you are the same and work. As they say: "Meet on clothes."


Next, a technical problem - the imposition of a small website. This transformation of your design in HTML, CSS and JavaScript code for the dynamic elements. At this moment the only thing that is important to consider all types of pages on your site. Types of pages - a typical page of the site, for example: home, list, paper, search, login, registration, password recovery, personal cabinet.


When the layout of the website is ready, you can install it on a CMS made specifically for the system of online business card. There are many free systems, but that which is recommended to be used - a "card Website. Fast. Inexpensive. Qualitatively.".


The system includes a user system, admin panel, all required tables for menu control, directory information, comments, login, registration, personal data, sliders, galleries and other extra. widgets.


When the system is ready, it is desirable to evaluate the search traffic on the subject, at the same time, you can register a business card website in the search engines. So you need to register your Google account, and then put on the website Google Analytics,, go to the Google Web-Master and the Adwords, where KeyTools system to see which keywords are looking for services that will be on your site. Similarly, the system Yandex - Metric, Webmaster, Worstat. Register site webmasters and analytics metrics - not necessarily better to do it after filling, simply take this opportunity to see how it all works.


When you have information that people are looking for and what is interesting, it's time to prepare interesting content site focused on search words. If it turns out, it will be possible at the end to put the counter and register the site in search engines.


When you're done better to check all the pages of the site. And also you can make a small advertising campaign in Google.AdWords and Yandex. Prepare ad, choose keywords, and control the rate that would effectively spend money.


Above all, I want to note that the content - the most important stage in the creation of a small site and it is very important to apply high-quality and clear all the information. If a visitor finds what he is looking for, it will likely write, call and make an order.


Success in creating a system - site card and good deals in your business.


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