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Need simple web-site start?

Need simple web-site start?

(Translate by Google, original in RU version)


For your problem, a particularly complex site is not required, we recommend a small website: 


The cost of the entire $ 100 

Plus it will be necessary to design and put the template, it is also 50 to $ 100 depending on the template. 

Base templates can be found here: 


So is the need to buy a hosting + domain name for a year, it is somewhere in $ 30-50 

When you're done: 

Install meters Yandex and Google = $ 10 

Filling of the site: 

Definition of key words - $ 20 
Creating titles for pages - $ 10 
Categories and tags for blog - $ 10 
Information on the main - $ 100 
About Us + Contact Us - $ 10 
5 basic items - $ 100 


Setting up a company in the Google Adwords - Setting $ 100 advertising budget $ 100-300 per month. 
Setting up a company in Yandex Direct - setting $ 100 advertising budget $ 100-300 per month. 
SEO - lifting in Google - Directories - $ 40, setting up a $ 100 advertising budget of $ 100-300 per month. (Purchase and placement of articles with links) 
Soc. network - page creation, connection robots - $ 200, the robots can be used independently. 

Additional types of advertising on request or see our services here: 


To get started, you need to create new or to give access to those already working mailboxes in gmail and Yandex. 

Passwords and email-s to send us, together with the application a list of what needs to be done and the selected template or recommendations of the wishes and design, there are still paid templates, you can order here: http://themeforest.net/ category / site-templates. 

Payment parts as work progresses in increments of $ 100. 

If you are ready to start, send accesses and work. 

If you have questions - write, call, we will be glad to help. 


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