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First step for Project Planing

Web-site consits of a lot of pages.


Here we collected Main Page and Interface types:


- Main Template

- Auth Page (Login, Register, Remember Password)

- Profile Edit Page (Edit Form)

- My Profile (My Data, My Relations, Comments, Status)

- History / My Orders

- Messages / Notifications

- Blog List

- Content Landing Page (Bread Crumbs, Comments, Social buttons)

- DataBase Filter Data (Form. AJAX Answer, Pages) AJAX+Post / Url Filter+Parse / Get Filters

- Access System

- DataBase Models (Count, Request, Filters Request, Row)

- Localisation (Language / Country / City)

- Inside Admin Panel

Types of Tables:

- Content

- Users


Type of Edit Fields:

- Inputs

- Multi Inputs (JSON or Relations)

- Files

- Files-Images

- Multi Files




Reviews can beleave only for registered users