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Product Sales Basics

Post Date: 2014-08-10 By torrison1 in Sales and Monetisation PR, Social, CRM
Product Sales Basics

Simple case for the distribution of its products where the most basic things that are often made mandatory. 


So, it all begins? First, it is necessary to introduce the product in the best light. 


Product presentation 

- Description of the product with the indication of the application and all of its features and functions (text). 

- Photos and graphics 

- Audio-advertising (if necessary) 

- Video Advertising, Video Presentation, Video Training (desirable) 

- A website with the ability to order and phone number 

- Letter to the mediators and offer cooperation 

- Letter to the real shops the sales terms 

- All documents, tax and accounting rules 

- Pages in the social. networks 


When all is ready, you need the maximum count of people to convey the assumption and you risk sending the budget to the base ad: 


- Contextual advertising - $ 100 per month. 

- SEO optimization base - $ 100 per month. 

- SMM - $ 100 per month. 

- Video on YouTube - $ 100 per month. 

- Banners and ads on sites targeted subjects - $ 100 per month. 


In the process, it is important that in the calls, letters, Skype posted a very good prodazhnik. Said / wrote clearly, clearly, creatively and intelligently, and most importantly on time. 


Furthermore, it is desirable to form CRM, receive customer data and after 1 month to wonder if he was satisfied with the purchase needed. 


It is also very important to work with contractors and partners on the Internet. Give goods on consignment shopping online, sending them an offer, you can use E-mail newsletter. 


For ordinary shops can be identified only 1-2 goods in the window and bring up where necessary, kept sending price lists. 


The more spam on the internet resources and shops, the more people know about the product and you can get the maximum market feedback about your product and influence. 


Having done all these successive steps, all write and act neat and organized, and the first sale will not keep you waiting. 


At high speeds will be new complexity of sales, management and marketing, which will need to have to pay the expert. And the money it already will be more, as "the ice is broken." The main "do no harm" to do everything to be good, quickly, efficiently, efficiently and with deliberation. 


Good luck to you in promoting your products and / or services!


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