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Management and Development

Management and Development

A common conflict arises between the IT management ideas and development team.

What is important for the company's management? Rather profit and the company's reputation.

The most important for developers sometime is wage and peace of mind that the program will work stably.

How to improve their understanding? We offer make it a rule to discuss developers and managers of such moments:

- As functionality is used often? If rare - it is better to do a separate code and not to complicate the system
- What are your plans for the next half a year to promote and support the functional
- What financial benefit can make the functionality and cost of development and support, it is desirable to be no more than this value.
- What input data and variations thereof, and also what results are expected. It is important to analyse the maximum number of options that would be more important in the planning stage

Having said all of these conditions, the manager and the developer will be able to find quickly easy solution for a lot of situations.


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