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PHP, HTML, CSS, CMS Education

PHP, HTML, CSS, CMS Education

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Take a look at the problem from the other side. Do not focus on the tools and focus on goals. 

Education is needed for something, for example: 




Education content manager site knowledge of HTML and CSS - a manager can without the help of a programmer or coder to make a beautiful page with content that sells the page to find the right widgets and be more flexible in the possibilities of filling the site. 

Learning designer layout - just 1-2 weeks, a good connoisseur of design and Photoshop will be able to impose all carefully created by him, and in case of difficulties, competently explain coder what he wants. 




Education Manager Installation CMS - 1-2 weeks, you can teach the manager to create websites on their own the satellites, try templates and widgets without programmer. 

Education programming and refinement CMS - If there is a beginning programmer, but he does not pull modifying CMS. Then it is necessary to teach it. In this case, the problem is not specific CMS, and the problem of the inability of the programmer to seek knowledge in the network and understanding of the PLO or the lack of IQ to change the complex linkages. These qualities are trained, though often then people wonder how crooked written many CMS. 

Learning to create your own CMS - Sophisticated unique designs sometimes written from scratch using FrameWorks, here is useful to train on an example of all the features gradually, which are required in any modern CMS. 




Selecting a Framework to simplify development - Before learning Frameworks programmer should already have experience of functional (procedural) programming and know the PLO. Then it will be apparent to almost all freyvorki. It is also important to understand the pattern of MVC. Except that you can teach the structure of frameworks and their main features, but often depends on the framework and objectives of the project. For different tasks in different frameworks. 




Development Magento - a separate world, and they are engaged in narrow specialists. This system is not perfect, it is obvious that they have a lot of competitors. We do not program a Magento, web shop we have our own decision. Magento - is a world in which it is important not to lose that development would not be too expensive. 




Development Wordpress - WordPress - is a quick blog, all the widgets on it are good, but many of them are complex and not always well established. WordPress - an excellent solution for blogs and Satellites, where just a lot of content. We have a ready-made solution is more functional than WordPress in the database, we do not use it. 




Development Symphony - this is similar to the choice of the framework. Symphony is designed for complex systems with deep functionality, such as online game, the control system industry processes, etc. Most often, it does not teach its programmers learn independently. 




Development Kohana - we do not use this framework, we use CodeIgniter, they are very similar, but we choose the second. He, too, taught mostly programmers themselves or learn more not Framework, and once a decision on it. We like all the decisions are made on CodeIgniter, respectively, for example, if the programmer to teach our program source code, then it automatically learns framework. 


Total, you first need to understand the purpose. For example: the manager wants to raise his level of programming that would understand why all programmers always long and expensive do everything yourself or start to code that would save costs. Designers can or should impose kontentchiki that would not pull expensive designer whose hour costs $ 10 for tasks such as move to the left or to change the color a little bit greener. Or we need to help the programmer to accelerate the development, through the choice of the framework, and learn new methods for solving problems. 


Prices vary from 10 to $ 30 per hour of training, depending on the number of people. 

Dates are also different, one missing 2 times a week for 2 hours, and with someone every day to sit right. 

So send the problem to be resolved, and for them, you can tell what kind of training program to use.


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