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We can do Web-Development for you!

We can do Web-Development for you!


IT.iKiev.biz Outsourcing Team



Good day, we offer you our services to solve Web-Developer job tasks.


We are outsorsing company. Working with us is more effective than in-house workers.


What are the advantages of Outsourcing to In-House:


  • The developer is always in an environment of other professionals who can always help to solve any problem

  • Outsourcing ensures execution of work at time and often get payment after the work performed, and not for airtime

  • No need to create new workplace in office

  • Outsourcing specialist can work for Full-time with your project, and if the number of tasks will be less, it will still support the project, and make other tasks.


What are the advantages of IT.ikiev.biz team:


  • We have full team for full-stack internet projects development. We can help not only in one direction, but in the whole of the project plan and we more effective.

  • We are on the internet technology market since 2008. During this time, We accumulated a lot of experience, ready algorithms and solutions that we are not inventing on the fly, but adapt in different projects and saving development time.

  • We provide free consulting and make code review, as well as we starting work by postpay or contract.



Working with us you can save up to 50% of their professional time. When you pay $ 2000 / month get up to 12 000 $ savings per year!


To start to work just send your contact details to the it@ikiev.biz and we will discuss all the details to start the process of working together.


The process start cooperation?


  • Spending 1-2 hours meeting for all the tasks that must be performed, as well as any additional information

  • The company provides access to the code or/and documents (if necessary, we can sign an NDA for the safety of commercially sensitive information)

  • We do a free audit of tasks, code and system architecture and provide a report in the form of opinions and advices (2-4 hours)

  • We are preparing a work plan, terms and payment dates (1-4 hours)

  • We make a meeting about the results and make a decision on the plan, terms, prices and the start of Phase 1 collaboration

  • Working ... (payment after the implementation)


Our experience and project references:


Our web-site: http://it.ikiev.biz/

Portfolio page: http://it.ikiev.biz/ru/orders/plist/all/all

Our Main skills-list: https://goo.gl/0oP5JI

Last BIG project: http://moow.life/en/

Real-estate web-site example: http://homeland.com.ua/estate/en/catalog

Startup web-site example: http://petope.net/en/

Our admin panel generation system: http://inside.ikiev.biz/

Demo of our Rich Web Framwork: http://vizitka.ikiev.biz/ (RU lang)

Demo of our High-Load Testing system: http://y2u.be/CBNJtELz7Ak

Demo video about inside admin system: http://y2u.be/WV0_G9vMg0g

AutoBots testing JQuery+AJAX system: http://y2u.be/Hs2WIEdfBvQ

Internet marketplace web-site for UA market: http://kupitprodat.com.ua/

Simple CMS WordPress site example: http://veos.com.ua/

Travel-sites for UA market: http://tuda.ikiev.biz/, http://travel.ikiev.biz/


Contacts: Alex Torrison, Senior Web-Developer, Tech Lead, Project Manager at IT.iKiev.biz https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-torrison-50636232 +38 (093) 155 29 70



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