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Inside Basic Web-Site Manual

Site card . Quickly. Inexpensive. All right.

Instructions on the product.

Site card - a simple website to provide information on the activities of the entrepreneur or company. Now a lot of sites and a lot of systems , but we have tried to collect a simple solution based on long experience in this field.

What is a website? Complete information about this on the internet , we will not otvlekatsya , we only mention that our solution - a program which can be ordered separately domain name, hosting , design, layout . Although you can use a standard design , slightly embellishing it under its scope .

More details about the program , it is called CMS, their is a lot, and each in its own good. Why do we offer to use our system ? In fact, only because it's faster and easier. It is simplified , and has only the features you need in a simple form , which facilitates filling and completion.

What is included in the CMS system site card ? More about this tell on until say that the system consists of admin panel Inside, here 's the system - http://inside.ikiev.biz/.

instructions :

Text in English and is intended more for developers. Yet the basic elements of the admin . panel , we will discuss later .

Also Inside system prisudstvuet standard set of tables in the database that match the business tables site , as well as a set of standard pages for typical URL, is controlled by a controller .

Site card system elements . Quickly. Inexpensive. All right.

Home - face of the site . Typically, this is considered the first page , even though it consists of two parts : Website template - that part of the site which is the same everywhere , often cap, menu and wine cellar. And the home page content - mostly easy to understand widgets and text.

Website template - consists of a standard HTML template , BootStrap 2 , Core.CSS ( optional styles for design ), JQuery, JQuery.Form, Logo , Contacts , login button , the login window ( input, through social services. Network , Registration, Change password ) , multilevel menu , footer with 3 blocks and a button up.

Home page content , can contain widgets : Slider , slider with a block , the block with a button and video blocks karinka , SEO text slider partners.

The following standard page - this is the list of articles , as well as a list filtered by tag and by category. This page is a list of content pages with pictures, headlines , short description, creation date , author , category and tags for each article. And as the system by page. And right unit categories and tags to filter .

Is the ultimate page ( Landing ) - a page with content, it consists of breadcrumbs , header , ext. information of the HTML content , soc. buttons , comments (which can only leave a logged in user ) , as well as additional units : gallery , order handling , links, related pages , blocks, tables .

After logging in , the user menu appears where there is a reference to the amine . panel ( if the user is admin ) page personal data output ( razloginivanie ) .

Page of personal data - consists of forms of personal data changes , the buttons change the password , the password change form and the back button in the editing of personal data.


Content elements of the site is stored in the database, which work through
admin . panel . Basic tables and menu items admin panel :

users - users table (Settings -> Users)
id - identitsikator Users
username - nickname or login
adv_info - Additional Information
image - a photo or avatar
street - the street
house_number - House
city ​​- city
district - District
country - a country
country_code - international country code (2 Engl. letters)
admin_area - Administrative District
salt - the string to encode and data protection
activation_code - activation code ( if registration is activation necessary )
password_rem_code - code for password recovery
created_time - time registration
last_login - last logon time
password - encrypted password
(Settings -> Users Works) - mini form to change the password and add users .

users_groups - table links users and groups ( changes in red. Users )
groups - group table (Settings -> Groups)
demo_inputs - demo features table generator tables (not used)
inside_ * - table inside the system
Settings -> Company Inside - simple internal blog
Inside Menu - control table top menu of the admin
pID - the ID of the parent menu item ( for nesting )
haschild - there is a submenu ? ( for nesting )
name - the name of the menu item
link - link a menu item
invisible - skip the menu
priority - the priority , the smaller , the higher / LEFT .
( Can be negative )
width of the block
width descendants
Settings -> Access Rules - Interface for managing access rights groups.
In the basic version are only restrictions on menu items and systems. zone.
Settings -> Import / Export - import interface / Export database tables in csv / xls.

it_menu - standard table multilevel menu
it_content - table articles / pages / content
name - the name
alias - the alias Latin letters to form URL
create_date - Created page
type - the type of page Blog ( with commentaries ) or Landing ( only HTML page ) .
order - including widget buttons and order form.
price - the price for the order form .
time - time for the order form .
desc (optional) - a short description
html (optional) - full description
image (optional) - picture category
invisible - skip the menu
priority - the priority , the smaller , the higher / LEFT .
( Can be negative )
user_id - the creator / owner of the page .
seo_title - substitution Title
seo_description - substitution Description
seo_keywords - substitution KeyWords

Tab Relations ( Communications)
Connection with Tags
Due to categories

Tab Options ( options for ordering table )

it_tags - standard table tags
it_buy_block - standard table selling blocks.
it_content_options - standard options table Order

it_categoties - table content categories / articles (Web-Site CMS -> Categories)
Parent / pID - the ID of the parent menu item ( for nesting )
haschild - there is a submenu ? ( for nesting )
name - the name
alias - the alias Latin letters to form URL
image (optional) - picture category
desc (optional) - a short description
html (optional) - full description
invisible - skip the menu
priority - the priority , the smaller , the higher / LEFT .
( Can be negative )
seo_title - substitution Title
seo_description - substitution Description
seo_keywords - substitution KeyWords

it_banners - standard table banners
it_brands - standard table brands, partners
it_comments - standard table comments
it_images - standard table pictures, images for galleries
it_rel_images_content - communication standard images and content
it_info_block - standard table blocks to content
it_rel_info_block_content - standard table blocks connections to content
it_links - standard table useful links
it_rel_links_content - standard table links content and links
it_contacts - standard table contacts
it_tree_plans - standard hierarchical table of reference for the project plan .
it_seo_blocks - standard table blocks for SEO
it_requests - standard table applications
it_orders (optional) - standard table of orders, more advanced than the application.

Also, for each sample page must be set SEO headlines , namely title, description, keywords. In our case, a little typical pages : Home , a list of all articles , a list of articles by tag , category , the final page ( Landing ) , private office user site map .

Extras. possible (if necessary )

Related articles by content. A block with articles that are selected in the admin . panel is similar .

Installation of the system . Those . description .

Rewrite archive template for hosting and import the database dump into your database . After select the FTP access for further work.

FTP access for changing access to the database in the file application / config / database.php
If everything is correct , the link should work http://vashsayt.kom/inside/ admin . panel . System root password login password.

Using the admin . panel , you can change the content of the site , edit users and system settings .

Next, you need to put on the engine design . Very convenient way to copy the folder / application / views / outside / in another project folder and change the folder name for the template in the base controller / application / core / MY_Controller.php the method _render. Then work with the new folder and if necessary look boilerplate code in a folder outside.

Basic design files that will have to edit :

/ application / views / outside / main_template.php - basic template of the site, you can view your basic styles , scripts and HTML template code .

All files are in the folder layout / files /. There are built-in technology , and as a template in a folder outside. For new css and js design can create a folder in the / files /.

Main page : index, content-list, page, search, sitemap, user_profile are in the folder / application / views / outside / pages /. Besides the basic files , there are parts that have suffixes * _head ( connected before closing tag head), * _footer ( connected before closing tag body - mainly used for JS scripts) .

Sometimes parts of the site are carried in separate view, which are in the folder / application / views / outside / parts /.

When connecting design , worth connect your style.css, in advance, to check whether all the styles from the standard template used . Also need to learn core.css classes are used in the template and simplify the layout .

Learn all ext. modules in the folder / files / there, in separate folders connect modules Novgorod design.

After reconnecting the design , test all functions.


Content and use in the business.

After the redesign and installation , the site becomes a full-fledged magazine - Description of business . But apart from the system , it is necessary to fill the site information. The first thing you will need to fill the main page categories , services / products , articles, about us page , contact. And also to prepare them for the picture to fill the main widgets .

Essential widgets can be main : slider , slider with a block message with a button and video blocks categories , SEO text slider partners.

To view this content you need to create categories and tags .

On the final page of the article , you can add widgets such : promo blocks , photo gallery , selling a block button , ext. reference table ordering options , click and form "Order" .

These widgets can turn any article in the vending page .

It is also important to get SEO analyst queries and optimize your site for search queries , prescribe headers optimize texts and make internal linking using SEO-text widget to result 


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