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How to write articles?

Post Date: 2014-06-06 By torrison1 in Ads, Content, SEO
How to write articles?

How to write articles? (Translare from RU by Google Translator)

We can immediately start with the fact that the first paragraph should generally tell what will be written below and interest, and so in this article we show approaches in order to write articles quickly and easily.

So the second paragraph - this is the beginning. First of all describe the style of writing articles through associations. That is the article can be compared with the formation of a 3D object. We seem to be on different sides and gradually tell what tells becomes clearer.

Just article can be compared with the layout of the bread department. Bread is different, tastes different, but one goal - to eat starchy foods. But everyone loves a different bread. Why so? Difficult to say, the world is - diverse. So we have to tell the same in all languages, and everyone can find something of their own.

Next comes after associative analytical approach, this kind of decomposition into components. For example the story straight about each rule or element of writing articles. Sometimes you can delve deeper into each element, but is not recommended for more than 2 nested concepts, as most people think only 2 moves ahead. Three - it is smart, and more - are scientists, mathematicians, businessmen and speculators.

Spelling has an important role, so when writing an article be sure to insert the spelling check. You can use Google Docs, it's all there. In addition, it is desirable to write clear and simple sentences.

If you describe something technical in what do not understand or do not use pre-learn it better. What would go into all the details. Find interesting details that are worth mentioning, it is desirable to describe the importance of a separate paragraph, and you might miss the little things.

Sometimes if you list the important elements can be used in each of these bold text that helps you quickly navigate through the text for those who already know the common things, but wants to learn the details of which he is interested.

Describing the order of all things in common, you can tell an interesting story that describe. For example, you can recall the anecdote. Blonde glory:
- I can write 5000 characters per minute. True such nonsense turns out ... This can positively distract and please the reader. Or some kind of spiritual life give an example to create an emotional component.

You can still refer to authoritative opinions, for example to tell what they think on the subject known people. Tell how they use what you write.

Sometimes you have to collect a few concepts in one paragraph, as not a lot of everything you write. Certainly always worth going over seven components, which may relate to the topic - is health, emotions, profit, sociality, the application in the works, the use of the work and inventions help in finding meaning and purpose in life. Often in selling clothes for example, can be a hint that stand out - this is a chance not to miss your destiny. By the way, a good example. Yes, use examples.

The article can be used outside of paragraphs pictures them as you can put between paragraphs or even add video. It will decorate the text and help it to better focus and motivate readers.

But if there is something "mega" basic, it can be interesting to highlight blocks. Often this kind of super price, technology, formula, a feature which can display an icon or image and these 3-4 pieces.

At the end of sum up what all of the above hope it was useful and interesting, suggest a link or order and wish success to readers. Hopefully simply and described. Good luck to you in your description of goods, ideas and services.


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