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Clear Mind. Predators, victims and Humans

Clear Mind. Predators, victims and People (Translate from RU by Google Translator)

This article is about the popular systems of relationships between people . We are all quite simplified to three types for greater understanding . Next, for each type .


Predator - a man who is not worried about people not his flock , he is ready to take any means other people what belongs to them. Such people often criminals or simply cunning scammers take from others what they need. For example boss who underestimates wage , knowing that people need , also a predator. Or boys who bullied and beaten in school bespectacled .

Victim - a person who has decided that there is always someone stronger than him , and the pressure on him , he tries to escape or tolerate . When the victim than create entire cults patience and fear in every way they discuss how they are hurt and complain about other people , and when the next attack and pressure , or suffer or escape . They are the ones who are called suckers , those who kick in childhood and cheat day .


Human - not just the title with a capital letter . People - high beings who have moved away from the prey and predators , knowing that they have the mind and the body , with which you can produce yourself and everything you need to create something new . People are trying to communicate and seek compromises , they do not want anyone to make the victim to seek synergies and effective interaction .

Next, a little about the relationship between the types that like to note what happens in life when people intersect.


Predator Predator - This is often the competition, especially when the two predators took aim at one victim . Although sometimes pretends predator prey and tries to cheat to get an advantage. It is this combination causes fights , wars, fight. The stronger and smarter predators so sophisticated they are trying to defeat one another . Chess for example - it is a good tool for understanding the complexities of war. If the forces are predators , they sometimes begin to make friends , to fight more powerful predators. Thereby creating some predators pyramid where more insidious and violent towards others are higher in rank. That is weaker predator can become a victim , but unlike the victim , predator nursed a grudge and will seek revenge.


Predator-Victim - Quite understandable combination , I want to note only that the victim does not want to be strong and resist as much as to have enough strength . Victims invent methods of avoiding predators , war with them. Often it is good-natured and pacifists , which kicked in childhood. Such a system is noticeable when the patient has a workaholic where screaming heads , about which wipe their feet , take their accumulated labor, but they are afraid to defend , fight and risk . Often such hope in God and themselves in battle do not enter . So is there a system in companies where bosses and employees felt richer environment Kings - slaves , the same as the predator-prey .


Victim - Victim - At a meeting , can help each other to lick their wounds , the suffering , sometimes helping each other in the attacks . Discuss their problems and grievances, often simply are close by, that would not be alone , without any goals and plans . Meeting victims like plankton, which is engaged in nothing and said nothing .


Predator- Human - Heavy meeting , as people can be deceived or predator , then he becomes a victim. In response, people will look for methods to get out of an unpleasant situation. In case of war, people kill predator soon as he knows that he will not rest until revenge or try to tame , taking virtual state Predator Predator , showing that it is no less dangerous than the opponent . People are like predators with fear and pity that they do not like being able to see the world in a creative and kind, where there is a constant war. Often people do predators and tame their employees , while carefully observing the distance. Predators same respect and fear of people , knowing that a person always has a special weapon that can severely injure or kill .


Human Victim - Victims often cause people pity the way sometimes sacrifice a penny beggars , trying to get a piece of bread and money from other victims and people , predators , although the latter rarely give alms. People are trying to teach the victims , intelligence and predatory skills that would make them a people , but not often it goes , but it happens that even in difficult times victims flee , leaving the ungrateful people themselves . This system is often seen in charity .

Human-Human - When you want the meeting to find common interests and collaborate. They like shares experiences and find new solutions for common cases. People are looking for a compromise, agree . When someone is unhappy , looking for a second opportunity to rectify the situation and to find common ground . People tend to Synergy . This system is quite strong at the expense of the mind and mutual people can achieve more by working together , the main thing is to save humanity and understanding.


Here is a set of systems , which often occurs in life. Now pay attention to any dialogue or action, who is who and you will much clearer . Also learn to develop synergy is a science , but has been explained in another article.


Good luck to you , and especially in building relationships Man - Man . All the best.


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