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Business basics (from startup to enterprise)

Business basics (from startup to enterprise)

(Translated by Google)

This article is dedicated to all those who want to create their own business, the company develops, tends to or reached their global objectives. We will look at many aspects of the business from the ground up to heights which each currently defines itself.

For a start it would be desirable to clarify the features of the business as opposed to work. In business there is no boss, instead market. That is an error you will not punish, but simply cease to work with you or sue. Thus, the problem may be more serious than dismissal.

That is beginning to be understood, that business - it is a complex system, which is connected with the politics and the economy, the markets, in the general environment. It imposes restrictions on the activities, especially the laws, policies, culture and mentality of the people, trends, trend, fashion. In addition the market determines pricing. You can not sell it for $ 100, that is 20, as it does not buy from you. There is supply and demand, on realizing that there is a demand and supply is not large, it is possible to try to offer their products or services, thereby starting to work.
Since the information in the business will be a lot of it makes sense to write everything down, preferably in electronic form, and preferably also in the cloud. If you already have an offer, you should describe it, then analyze the demand and purchasing power.

When you start to sell services, then the sale process begins. It is not always fast, such as the sale of seeds. The whole process should be simple and intuitive for the customer, safe and profitable. This is the level of service.
After the sale it is important to take an interest in the affairs of a client that would understand if he was satisfied with the purchase. Since it is very important to purchase it was profitable and promising. To do this, there are a CRM system, mailing, phone calls to customers after the transaction.

The search for new customers - this is advertising. Advertising can be very different, its main task is to bring a person who is open to dialogue.

Web site often does the job it is advertising, but besides it can optimize the sales process, be a CRM system, information, tips for using and more.

When ready sales system, site, and the process has gone, you need to expand. And this is especially the hiring of new employees, the organization of documents and registration of the company, salaries, banks, accounting. A lot of the nuances in the construction of office, partners, affiliates.

In stepping up the volume, you need to deeply understand this process, it's a whole section of management. This process will help computer systems, documentation and a clear action plan.
The main thing to remember is that each company has a main goal and mission. Sometimes companies achieving the purpose to be sold or transformed into something else.

Very briefly, and then we walked tezisno business. This topic is difficult to uncover in a small article, as is the whole world which is written a lot of books. Read the study and you are sure to succeed in the personal file.


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