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Basic Web-Site Specification

Project Description " Company Website " (Translate by Google Translator)

Objective: Create a web site for effective online advertising . Receive at least 2 orders per day via the order form on the website , by telephone or through other electronic forms of communication.

CA : People are looking for products , services and information about them and related services on the Internet.

Basic terms, concepts , elements

Export- table represent the key words - in table format xls, xlsx, csv. Most often created from the service Google Adwords KeyTools. Which contains all the key words on the topic, as well as related keywords . So as it should contain number of requests per month target region and is the recommended pages that promote the keyword .

List of pages on the site - list of standard pages that have a separate layout . The total site template is a separate element .

Overall website template - layout of the site which is the same on all pages.

Site Design - often thegas set of source graphics editor for all pages. Mainly used formats . Psd,. Ai.

Layout design - layout folder with all pages of the site , based on the standards described by reference ( for layout , you can use other approved standard): http://www.xiper.net/collect/weekdays-front-end-dev/the-work-in-general/tehnicheskoe-zadanie-na-verstku.html

SEO- headers (headers) - Information for inscribing in the tag title, meta [content = description], meta [content = keywords].

SEO- text - text , often from 1000-5000 characters , optimized for SEO. This text is often placed in the main , the list of articles , category , tag , the destination page . By SEO- SEO- attached text titles.

Selling pages - pages that focus on human motivation to action. This may be the final page of goods or services which is already possible to identify buy and order . They are often written an interesting and useful to the user SEO optimized text . Can be used throughout Kartika , tables available for understanding the information , as well as additional units , a gallery of pictures, videos and block button , price , terms, order button , the order form .

Image Gallery - site element , where small karinka by clicking on the rise in pop-up window, and there is often the arrows to view all the pictures one by one .

Unit with video and click - block which has a title , description, application button , a pop-up application form and video, which can be switched when the page loads .

Table ext. Service - a table listing service ( name, price , date , description) , where you can choose the services and shall be the amount and the total execution time .

Button and order form - button , when clicked appears or moves to the order form. Order Form must contain the name, phone , email, ext. information and have knopkuotpravki order. After shipping, the order is stored in the admin . panel and receive a notification by e-mail administrator.

Site Map - Site page with all end pages , useful for SEO optimization that would crawlers 2 transition could jump to any page. Sometimes Google generated and XML site map , if necessary .

Promo speciation - a small video clip telling all the necessary information about the page , goods and services to which it is placed or referenced . The development of such videos often consists of scenarios , preparing audio and video material , installation .

Outline text - in the free form , a set of proposals to fugurirovat with text that will do / book content manager .

In social share buttons . network - a set of buttons to send a link to this page to post soc. network. Basic social network buttons which must be : Google+, vk.com, facebook, linked.In. You can use for this unit share42. Just there you can put the " add to favorites ", " top " , "print".

Description of work

For domain name registration and hosting , you must create a working GMAIL email.

After buying a domain name and hosting ( preferably all buy ukraine.com.ua) all accesses to an email that would save them and not lose .

Marketing analysis - enough to prepare the export of Google Adwords KeyTools ALL keywords with statistics requests per month . Identify them ( note the export file ) , the main key phrases in the main and other pages , as well as write a list of content pages with sketches and zagolokami text.

Also necessary to order the texts and SEO- selling text on all pages , on each page the customer sketched the basic information ( text outline ) .

Site Design / Layout design - can be used to refine and ready for free , paid templates . Color is not important , the general principle - simplicity, conservation standards. composition and the absence of cognitive disonansa .

Website pages - home , a list of pages / articles , the final page , search , sitemap , private office .

On the main page that would have been necessary : Slider unit with categories selling unit with video and click to order. By clicking on the standard form which falls shipment. Also on the main should be SEO- text corresponding to the selected keywords and filling headers : Title, Description, Keywords.

List of pages - articles - header block list pages ( picture , title, mini description, reference details , categories , tags , date of publication) , a list of categories list of tags postranitsnost . Must be running the filter by category and tag (not AJAX).

Final page - consists of breadcrumbs , header , HTML, optional: blocks Kartikami , gallery , button order and order form , additional table . services , comments, share buttons in the social. network.

Comments should leave only registered users. Comments added to the table , but he did not see until the site administrator does not allow to show it . When you add a message is sent to the mail administrator.

Therefore need a button and the form of registration and login , password recovery , private office and entrance through the op. network (google, facebook), since it simplifies the registration and entry and increases the likelihood of a user logs .

Admin . Panel website should be simple and understandable . Main components of the admin panel page input interface with navigation / menu. Next page content management users , Pictures slider pages / content , categories, tags, comments , a gallery of images, the ability to include the button order , add extra. blocks on the final page .

Promo speciation - without fanaticism , simple script , splash, interviews and video of the service , if you schedule of free or paid template final. Ideas and the script worked szakazchikom .

After the end of the development work on the account to connect Google Analytics and Google Web-Master and connect them to the site. And also connect Moscow and Yandeks.Veb -master, having created an account in Yandex .

Table works

Price, $
Terms hour
Extras. info / Result
marketing analysis

Export table represent keywords , a list of pages on the site that will be produced advertising.
SEO- texts

All required texts and captions to them.
sell Page

HTML + information for widgets
Promo video


Scenario , Audio materials Video materials Source , avi.
Purchase a domain name and setup


Logins and passwords to send .
Buying and hosting adjustment

Logins and passwords to send .
Installing the engine hosting (Code + DB)

Logins and passwords from the admin panel to send .
Design + Coding

+ Source code archive layout
Dress for typesetting engine

Ready site
Setting Counters

Google Analytics and Google Web-Master, Yandex.Metrix and Yandeks.Web-Master


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